Garden Variety Aliens is a game where you build your own tower defense! 

Aliens are attacking and you need to create an army of little guys to help you keep them at bay!

Collect resources from fallen enemies to upgrade your guys.  Based on how you upgrade them, you can find a variety of different outcomes.  Mix and match to craft the best defense you can and survive as long as possible!


Q /W/E/R - Select between your little guys and upgrade parts.

Left Click - Place little guy or upgrade an existing little guy.

Right Click - Open a wormhole to collect resources.


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broke it lol


Poor little guys! They did their best haha, very fun game, reminescent of plats and zombies, I do like the upgrade system, a lot more customization! 


This is awesome! Fun little plants versus zombies type of tower defense with a cool crafting mechanic - I hope you guys continue to work on this!